Will The Oscars Get It Right in 2018?

This awards season has been a bittersweet one for me, though I’ve been happy about the recognition The Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name are getting. I find myself singing a familiar tune this year: Where is the love for Jake Gyllenhaal? Now, I want to be careful as to not start sounding like a Jake Gyllenhaal Fan Club website but I have held on to my disdain for too long and I have thoughts.

Okay, so this isn’t entirely about Jake Gyllenhaal; I do have a list of artists I hope I get recognition at The Oscars but I’d like to kick this off with #SnubbedBae


It’s almost as if Stronger wasn’t released. It has been snubbed by every awards show and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany brought to life a sometimes difficult-to-watch but often beautiful story and everyone seems to have forgotten about it. Now I won’t say that Jake gave his best performance, because that was clearly done in Nightcrawler (which was also snubbed) but Jake portrayed Jeff Bauman in an exemplary way and he is definitely worthy of a nomination. I need The Oscars to remedy this situation ASAP and maybe they’ll make up for the fact that they disregarded Jake’s existence when Nightcrawler was released.







The Florida Project as a whole took my breath away but it was really Bria Vinaite who made me take notice from the moment the movie started. Maybe it’s because I’ve become an avid watcher of her Instagram stories but I have slowly fallen in love with her unconventional nature and her genuine excitement about the industry she finds herself in. Her performance in The Florida Project was noteworthy and again, I find myself confused by the continuous disregard for her performance.


Tiffany Haddish was the one consistent good thing about 2017 and it all started with her performance in Girls Trip. Comedy is so often tossed to the side, as its looked on as an easier task than dramatic acting but Tiffany Haddish and what she accomplished in Girls Trip is deserving of a nomination. I realize that this could be another blog post all together but you know that if Tiffany would have starred in a film about four women finding friendship while surviving slavery, her name would be at the top of all nominations lists. How about we stop celebrating black women being oppressed and instead we celebrate when they succeed? Give Tiffany that Oscar!







I need The Oscars to make history. A Fantastic Woman was absolutely magical and Daniela Vega was completely mesmerizing. I need her on the list of nominees in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category. As a transgender woman, this would be historic but Daniela Vega deserves more than a nomination meant as a publicity stunt, she deserves a nomination because her work is worthy of it. If this is the hill I die on, then I will die a happy woman; A Fantastic Woman deserves recognition and Daniela Vega deserves to be celebrated.

Who are you hoping gets nominated for an Oscar this year?

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