Wildin’ Over James Bay | REVIEW

It’s different.


I have been waiting for new music from James Bay for a while now, just scroll through my Twitter and you can see how many times I’ve mentioned it in the past year. Well the wait is over and his new single “Wild Love” is here.


It’s here and it’s different.


James Bay, the one with the guitar permanently attached to his hand, has temporarily replaced the guitar for a more electric and synthesized sound. Now obviously, I wasn’t expecting another round of songs that sounded just like what he created in Chaos and the Calm. However, I will say that when I heard the 15 second teaser of the song on his Instagram, I was hesitant in my excitement. I have fallen in love with the guitar and though excited that we were getting new music, I was immediately aware that maybe I wouldn’t like this new sound. Though completely aware that change is necessary, especially when it comes to an artist and their creations, I am also pretty particular of what sounds aesthetically pleasing to me.


So there I am on February 8th, refreshing Spotify, waiting for the song to hit the streaming service and at 11:30AM PST “Wild Love” appeared.


*with a smile on her face*


I love it.


Okay so my love affair took some time with this song because the sound is different from what we’ve learned to love about James Bay but truly, I love it. If I could give one miniscule critique it would be that I am looking for more vocals. “Wild Love” is eclectic in its sound and though the ride it takes you on is enjoyable, I miss James Bay’s vocals taking the lead. His vocals have always been smoothly-comforting and full of grit when they needed to be; I want more of that in the other songs of his upcoming album. The guitar is still there in “Wild Love” but it gives a comforting nod from underneath all of the other sounds on the song.


I wanna give you wild love

The king that never slows down

I wanna take you high up

Let our hearts be the only sound

I wanna go where the lights burn low and you’re only mine

I wanna give you wild love

This is a love song, a love song that is unapologetic in its romantic nature and I have already replayed the song more times than I can count. James Bay is proof that change is a necessity for the growth of an artist and though the sound he created in Chaos and the Calm is why we fell in love with him, I am certain that this new sound will be the reason why we’ll continue to listen to his music with our children.


Listen to “Wild Love” and check out the details of James Bay’s upcoming tour on his Facebook page.

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