‘What About Us’ is the Single We All Absolutely Needed!

Pink is back with new music and she arrived at the perfect time. The beauty that comes from music, is the fact that it can relate differently to each listener. “What About Us” is ambiguous in its theme; is it about a broken relationship? Is is about our current political climate? Does it really matter?

Grab the message you can from it and use it to heal … as I have.

Credit to Pink’s Facebook Page

Anybody else feeling absolutely helpless?

I am a bisexual Mexican daughter of immigrants; I am constantly afraid. I don’t know how I look my niece and nephews in the face and assure them that I’m creating a world worthy and ready for them. I don’t know how I help raise them in a country where they are already not wanted. I don’t know how I can protect them when I don’t feel protected.

I don’t have the answers and I think that’s what frustrates me.

I have marched, I have spoken up, I have been a part of uncomfortable conversations, I have listened, I have cried and cried and cried and cried. Nothing I do seems like the appropriate thing to do. This past weekend in Charlottesville, we witnessed the ugliest part of our Country come out and show their most hateful side. Though I have faced discrimination and racism in the past, the events of this past weekend still shook me to my core.

How do we come back from this?

I refuse to believe that hate will win. I believe that we can work together and beat white supremacy; though it feels like an extreme undertaking I believe in the fight that Heather D. Heyer died for. Going backwards is not an option here. We need to fight through the helplessness and we need to ensure that we leave this world better than when we had it. My niece and nephews (and future children) deserve a country that respects and protects them. The only way I know to make a difference is by creating, which may be why Pink‘s music always strikes a chord.

She is unapologetic in the music she creates. She constantly allows her heart to take the lead as she takes the listener on an emotional journey we are never ready for.

We are searchlights, we can see in the dark
We are rockets, pointed up at the stars
We are billions of beautiful hearts
And you sold us down the river too far

This comeback, if you can call it that (I’ve been consistently listening to he since “You Make Me Sick”) is just what the world needed. Pink is an artist who comes full-speed at the complicated topics, she creates discussions and is never afraid to speak her mind. Her music is essential to my well-being and no words are ever enough to thank her for continuing to create powerful anthems. “What About Us” is a song that we absolutely needed and I hope we can gather our strength from it and continue to fight against the hatred coming to light in our country.

Pink‘s seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma is set to release on October 13 and my ears and heart are absolutely ready. 

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  1. August 16, 2017 at 5:52 AM

    Thanks for the info so glad she’s back – can’t wait to hear it

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