The Meaning of Life is Kelly Clarkson’s Music

It’s been a little over two weeks since Kelly Clarkson released her album Meaning of Life and I can’t seem to stop listening to it.

This is Kelly’s first album since her American Idol contract ended and I can confidently say that this album redefines Kelly Clarkson as an artist. I meant to write about this album sooner but I think I hesitated because I struggled to put into words the magic that I felt while listening to this album. So this is my (weak) attempt at eloquently expressing how powerful Meaning of Life is.

Being that Kelly Clarkson came into our hearts via a singing competition, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m about to praise every single vocal note on this album. The thing is, we’ve all known Kelly to be a strong vocalist and yet with this album we quickly realize that she’s been holding back this entire time. She has made a career out of pop ballads that are easy to sing-a-long to, but I can guarantee that you’ll be struggling to keep up with her notes on any of these fourteen songs. Every single song on Meaning of Life contains at least one moment that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand.

This album contains influences from the soul, jazz, blues, pop and rock world; it leads with the vocals but holds on to you with the relatable lyrics. She gives us heartbreak, falling in love, happiness, passion and everything in between; you get a song for every mood. When discussing lyrics “Whole Lotta Woman” jumps out immediately; this unapologetic declaration of bad-assery is definitely a stand out song

I’m a whole lotta woman
(From the way I walk and toss my hips)
I’m a whole lotta woman
(From the sound to my voice to the gloss on my lips)
I’m a whole lotta woman
(Anything I see, I want, I get)
I’m a strong, badass chick with classic confidence, yeah

Though the growth within her sound is clear and evident in this new album, you still get the classic Kelly Clarkson staples on Meaning of Life. She gives us a song that tears your heart in two with “I Don’t Think About You”, She gives us a catchy pop song that you’ll out-of-tune sing at the top of your lungs with “Love So Soft” and she has you questioning your relationship decisions with “Cruel”. I’m willing to make the statement that this is a near-perfect album, I skip no songs when listening to it and every song makes me feel good; whether it’s the lyrical content or the way her voice cradles my heart. The point is my emotions are at an all time high while experiencing the album.

Growing up means being happy for other people’s happiness and this album held a grin on my face the entire time. You can feel every inch of Kelly Clarkson’s unapologetic and happy heart within the songs of this album. I have always been a fan of Kelly Clarkson and this album has just reinforced my love for her music.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Meaning of Life, I promise it’ll make your week so much better.


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