The Big and Emotional Movie Experience | ‘The Big Sick’ Movie Review

I am an emotional person; my tears are constantly on stand-by, ready to take flight if the wind blows too hard. I wasn’t always like this though, I used to be a rock of a human; I used to take pride in my lack of feeling. Then therapy happened and breakthroughs happened and suddenly I am feeling everything, all at once. So maybe it’s my constant state of over-emotional that leads me to say the following sentence: The Big Sick is everything that a movie needs to be and though perfection is clearly unattainable, this movie gets so damn close.

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon have written a beautiful love letter to their marriage. This movie is driven in genuine devotion and every single scene captures all of your attention. The Big Sick tells the story of how Kumail and his wife Emily met and the months that followed; it is a story full of conflict, honesty and complicated love. The story is rooted in real issues that interracial couples often face, yet the entire movie is full of laugh-out-loud moments that make for a flawless movie-going experience.

I must admit; I am not a fan of awkward. I cringe too easily and avert my eyes when things start to get dicey but Kumail does awkward so beautifully that I couldn’t help but stare in complete admiration. I fell in love with the quick one-liners and the uncomfortable silent moments; I found myself relishing in the nervous tension and every scene was a breath of fresh storyline. The magic of The Big Sick is truly in the writing; maybe it’s the writer in me that listened to every single word that was said but the writing was truly grounded in authenticity.

Kumail and Zoe on The Big Sick
The chemistry is what sold it; Kumail and Zoe presented a love story on screen that I became invested in immediately. Though the main characters showcased exemplary performances I found that Ray Romano and Holly Hunter stole every single scene they were in. I recently watched a roundtable interview with Kumail on The Hollywood Reporter’s YouTube channel where he said, “I think making a good movie, everything has to go right and making a terrible movie, one thing has to go wrong.” Well Kumail, everything went beautifully right for you because this is an exceptional movie.

Whether you go for the comedy or you drag your significant other for the romance; I promise that you’re in for an enjoyable cinematic ride.

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