Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Looking back on 2017, I can’t think of a negative experience I’ve had. I mean, I’m sure they’re there because 2017 has definitely not been perfect. Yet, it’s the happy memories that immediately jump out at me. So as I sit here on Thanksgiving Day waiting for my family to get ready so we can go to the movies; I can’t help but feel a multitude of gratitude for my year so far. 

2016 was painful and heartbreaking so my expectations for 2017 were definitely low. The only thing I’ve ever been consistent about in my life is finding my way into heartbreak but 2017 has been extremely kind. 

My family is a group of dysfunctional human beings forced together and honestly, I couldn’t picture my life without them. Even with the fights, the screaming, the dysfunction; these are the best group of people I know. My mom alone deserves some kind of award for dealing with every personality. Now, don’t let the yelling and fighting fool you; my brother has become a man I am proud of, my father tries to understand my over-emotional constant state of mind and my nephews and niece are the best present my brother has given me. 

Now, I’m not just saying this because she’s named after me but my niece may just be the best child in all of the land. She is a year and a half old and full of amazing personality. She dances, she repeats your mannerisms, she kisses you and somehow everything is a little better. Sophia Julianna is going to make the world a better place and I’ll be making sure of it. 

The Universe has made up for all of the misfortune in my life by bringing my closest friends into my world. I am a ball of insecurities wrapped in emotions that are always on high alert and my friends somehow just know how to make everything better. They may not always understand me and I’m sure that my crying becomes excessive at some point but my friends always accept me. They are fun, understanding and I’ve never felt more love in my life. 

Even in my craziest of years, Live Music is what usually pulls me through the darkness. This year has had less concerts but the experiences have been just as magical. This year I went to New York and watched multiple Broadway shows, I got to experience Tank and The Bangas twice and I got to finally see HAMILTON live. Life truly is one giant and beautiful adventure. 

If 2017 is any indication of what 2018 will be like, then I can’t wait! 


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