Obligatory New Year’s Day Blog Post

Well here we are! Day 1 of 2018 and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m definitely feeling the motivation that comes from the beginning of a new year.

I think it goes without saying that globally, 2017 was a wreck. I mean Trump continues to be President (somehow) and every single day is a constant feeling of anxiety while reading all the news headlines of the morning BUT I’d really like to focus on the positive side of things here so moving on …

Personally, 2017 was kind of wonderful!

To recap:

I kicked off the year by attending the Women’s March in Los Angeles where I stood up for what I believed in and marched along strangers who were fighting the good fight. In February my best friend and I flew to New York and had a close-to-perfect vacation. We explored the city, watched musicals, fell in love with Broad City and semi-stalked Jake Gyllenhaal. My niece turned 1 in March and it has been an extraordinary journey to see her growing into a magical human being. Via a press pass, I was able to attend DragCon in Los Angeles in April and it was an inspiring experience. We celebrated my mom in May with a perfect Mother’s Day get-together. I was my unapologetic, bisexual self during PRIDE in Venice Beach in June. Los Angeles was disrespectful with its heat waves in July but I survived! My best friend graduated in August and I’ve never been prouder of her. Jake and I reunited in September, when I attended two of his Q&A’s and he had no idea I was there #relationshipgoals. I turned 28 in October and celebrated with some of my favorite people. I took my entire family to see Coco in November and my nephews got to witness a film that accurately and beautifully represented their culture. December brought the gift of self-reflection and genuine appreciation for the year that just passed.

I really don’t want to jinx it but it kind of feels like I’m winning at life right now.

I wrote more in 2017 than I ever have before. I was inspired and motivated by the people around me. I took the term “music lover” and made it my own personal mantra … just ask the over 140,000 minutes I spent listening to music on Spotify. 2017 will officially be the year when I fell back in love with Pop music; Kesha, Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato gave me the pop hits I needed in my life.

There were no parties this New Year’s Eve, my best friend and I made ourselves comfortable on her couch and watched movies and New Girl until our eyes refused to remain open. I spent the last day of 2017 with one of my favorite people and I am absolutely ready to conquer this next year by her side.

2016 kicked my ass, 2017 reminded me how to get back up again and 2018 is about to catapult me into success, I can feel it.


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