Music Monday: Tank and the Bangas LIVE

If the ridiculous heat hasn’t given you a hint, then I’m here to tell you: Summer has officially started. My best friend and I kicked off the Summer with an energetic outdoor concert where Tank and the Bangas blew our damn minds.

The Levitt Pavilion in Los Angeles is currently holding a Summer Concert Series and they kicked off the series with Tank and the Bangas on Friday June 23rd. I discovered Tank and the Bangas a few months ago when my friend sent me their NPR Tiny Desk video; they impacted me so deeply that I wrote about them immediately: Article HERE

Ever since that video entered my life I have felt the need to see them LIVE; I have been stalking their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter waiting for a Los Angeles date. The day finally came and imagine my surprise when I realized that the Los Angeles concert would be a free event. The Universe absolutely loved me on Friday because despite the chaotic work day, the getting out later than anticipated, the fighting traffic and the lack of patience I had for the world; we still ended up front row at the Tank and the Bangas concert.

This band has positive energy coming out of their pores; the concert was a full blown dance party from the moment they stepped on stage. Their music is a fusion between jazz, hip hop, funk, gospel and spoken word; the band itself is a colorful combination of artists and they make their set look passionately-effortless the entire time. Though each band member stands out on their own, I will admit that it was difficult to take my eyes off of lead singer, Tarriona “tank” Ball.

She commands attention from the moment she steps on stage and her magical talent hits you right in your soul as soon she opens her mouth to sing. Her entire being shines through while on stage and I’m still struggling to wipe the smile off my face as I think back on the concert. Though she captured my entire attention, my eyes did wander to the two back up singers who slayed the stage all on their own. Not only were their vocals just as commanding as Tank’s but their connection to Tank during the set made the audience feel like part of their circle, if only just for an hour.

My favorite part about attending concerts is finding the person that is having the most fun. Though at this particular show I feel like everyone in attendance was having a blast; I have to give it to the Alto Saxophone/Flute player, Albert Allenback. Let me just say; I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw Albert Allenback live his best life on that Saxophone (Sorry Jake Gyllenhaal). Okay, joke’s aside there’s something about a man letting absolutely loose on stage that makes me hope that everything he does succeeds.

The point being, Tank and The Bangas blew my damn mind and there’s no going back now. Every time I watch my videos from Friday night I get a smile on my face, a heart full of happiness and a concert high that I never want to come down from.

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  2 comments for “Music Monday: Tank and the Bangas LIVE

  1. June 30, 2017 at 10:10 AM

    looks very exciting will keep an eye on the band

  2. June 26, 2017 at 7:30 AM

    That looks like a fun band! I’ll have to follow up and watch the TinyDesk performance.

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