Music Monday: Rosalia

Sometimes music comes into your life and completely knocks the wind right out of you; this is the experience that I felt the moment I heard Rosalia’s voice

Rosalia is a Flamenco artist who belts her emotions into every one of her songs. Her debut album is titled, Los Angeles, and the experience she has created within the twelve songs in the album is absolutely magnificent. Though 11 out of 12 of the songs are in Spanish, even if you have a lack of understanding of the language, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss the passion behind each track.

The Flamenco sound does not fit neatly into a mainstream music category and that may just be what’s having an effect on the younger generation. Her sound is rooted in the classic Flamenco sound while Rosalia’s vocals hold a tenderness that would appropriately fit music in the Pop world. Though once you listen to one of her songs, you find yourself grateful that she chose the Flamenco route instead of the mainstream one.

You won’t find an over-produced sound in Los Angeles; Rosalia accompanies her songs with an acoustic guitar and a series of snaps and claps but her vocals take the reins on Los Angeles. Her lyrics have a sadness that you can’t shake and though her voice is powerful, she finds a way to strip it down during some songs and she gives you a softer sound.

The thing is; I can sit here and discuss her flawless vibrato, or the way her voice dances with every lyric in her songs, or the way the storytelling within each song is truly exquisite but the truth is I couldn’t possibly describe the magic that I felt in my heart when I first listened to her. The first song to hit my ears was “De Plata” and it took every ounce of self-control to not scream with excitement in my office. Rosalia is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of artist and you are doing your life a disservice if you don’t go out and listen to her music right now.

I guarantee a magical experience will come from listening to Los Angeles. 



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