Music Monday: Johnnyswim

My love affair with Johnnyswim has been well documented on this website.

I’d like to say that there’s a fine line between being a fan of their music and being absolutely obsessed, but at this point that line is blurry and I can no longer tell the difference. I mean, there’s a reason why when I ran my Spotify statistics at the end of 2017, they were the artist I listened to the most. 

Being that we are celebrating LOVE WEEK on (which is a decision that I just made), I want to kick off Music Monday with a few romantic tunes courtesy of Johnnyswim.

Currently I am as single as they come; I’ve recently ended a relationship and even with my cold, cold heart beating I can appreciate the magic that is Johnnyswim. “Take The World”, “Falling For Me”, “Paris in June”, “Summertime Romance”, to name a few. These are all songs that beautifully capture the complicated and magical time that is falling in love. The soundtrack to my future wedding (where I’ll be marrying Jake Gyllenhaal, obviously) will heavily feature Johnnyswim (maybe even in person because Jake has that kind of money); I feel like I’m losing track of my point here.

My point is: Johnnyswim has immensely romantic songs and you should celebrate your Valentine’s Day with them. I don’t get commission for this but let me try to sell you on the upcoming Johnnyswim concert.

I was introduced to Johnnyswim via an Emeli Sande concert, they were the opening act and I vividly remember being absolutely captivated by their on-stage chemistry. See that’s the thing, of course their music is powerful and beautiful but it’s Amanda Grace and Abner who create the magic. They interact on stage and you can see solid proof that love exists. I have now seen them live 3 times and they get better every single time.

I try not to be a pessimist when it comes to love but I’ve been jaded many times before, so when a date or a relationship lets me down I am quickly reminded of how real love can be by listening to Johnnyswim. Fully aware that I sound a bit crazy, but I dare you to witness the magic for yourself.

Johnnyswim is playing at the Orpheum Theatre on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles and if you have anything else planned, I say change your plans immediately. Look, I would go to this show but 1. I’m single, 2. It’s a reminder that the guy that I just broke up with refused to go with me, 3. I don’t want to make people uncomfortable when I start openly sobbing next to them.

Go and watch this duo live, if only so I can live vicariously through you, this will be their first show in Los Angeles that I’ll be missing and I’m trying not to let it get me down.

So purchase tickets, feel their love and let their music fill your heart with joy!

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