Music Monday: I Get Overwhelmed

I watched the movie, A Ghost Story, the other day and as soon as I got home all I wanted to do was discuss the film with everyone I knew. I sat down and attempted to write a review as soon as I got home; the thing is, the review kept sounding like an apology. You see, the movie stars Rooney Mara and a man who has had two sexual assault cases against him; Casey Affleck. I did a lot of self-convincing and a lot of compromising with my morals in order to see this film. Though, I exist with a lot of guilt inside of myself because of it, the truth is that the movie was inspiring. 

I was captivated from beginning until the very end and though I’d like to discuss the movie at length here, I really must convince you to listen to the soundtrack. Though most of the songs are instrumental, there is one song in particular that grabbed a hold of me as soon as I heard it in the movie. The song is “I Get Overwhelmed” by Dark Rooms.

Are you running late?
Did you sleep too much?
All the awful dreams
Felt real enough Is your lover there?
Is she waking up?
Did she die in the night?
Leave you alone?

This song has crawled underneath my skin; I cannot shake the initial and overwhelming feeling it gave me. At first it wasn’t even the words that hit me, (because truthfully, the words are a bit difficult to understand at first listen) the music alone takes you on a powerful journey. I am aware that my following statement sounds a bit crazy but; I felt every note on my skin. This song is powerful.

To say that I am obsessed with this song would be an understatement, I have played the song at least twice a day since I saw the movie. (If you follow me on Instagram, @juliexplores.creating, then you know this to be true.) Please do yourself a favor and start this week with an emotional roller coaster of a song. Also, if your morals will allow it, watch A Ghost Story because it is a beautiful cinematic adventure.



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