Music Monday: Demi Lovato

Grammy Nominations were announced last week and while scrolling through all of the categories I noticed one thing; Demi Lovato’s name was missing. Though I agree that art doesn’t loose it’s power when its failed to be recognized with an award but I feel like Demi deserves recognition for at least the single, “Tell Me You Love Me”.

Now admittedly, I’m new on the Demi train but her latest (and greatest), Tell Me You Love Me, has been in constant rotation since it’s release and now I just need everyone to listen to it.

I am fully aware that the Grammy’s don’t carry the power they once did ever since they refused to give Album of the Year to Beyonce’s Lemonade. However my point is, and this rant has a point- I promise, that Demi Lovato released one of the best Pop albums of 2017 and she deserves the recognition for it.

As previously mentioned, I am new to the Demi fandom and I think the reason why I arrived so late is that I struggled to connect with her previous albums. Not to say that her previous albums were bad but they just didn’t quite fit into the soundtrack of my life. Don’t get me wrong when I listened to “Stone Cold” I thought it was an extraordinary song but as a whole her albums just nearly missed me. Tell Me You Love Me is the beautiful exception; this album has spoken to the best parts of myself and I cannot praise it enough.

Lets start by discussing the lead single off the album “Sorry Not Sorry” is a fun pop song and though it took a couple of replays to finally grow on me; the sentiment behind the song gives me the best kind of empowerment. The title track is the second single and it’s what planted the seed that eventually grew into my love for Demi. “Tell Me You Love Me” is a powerful ballad and Demi’s vocals are her strongest in this love song. The musicality behind this song structures it as an anthem, with the lyrics providing a strong and passionate love letter that takes you on the most magical of rides. The choir that enters toward the end of the song gives the song an added spark that reaches musical climax in the most powerful of ways.

If Demi’s vocals on “Tell Me You Love Me” make the chills travel down your spine, then you’re going to need emotional preparation before listening to, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore”. There’s a specific moment in the song where Demi’s vocals carry through and the music stops; that moment is what I imagine true love to feel like. (Yes, I’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds but I stand by my statement).

This album leads beautifully in its vulnerability but I’d be doing the entire album a disservice if I didn’t mention the incredible pop songs. “Sexy Dirty Love” and “Games” are wonderful additions to the pop industry but the real game-changer here is “Daddy Issues”. I want you to imagine me screaming this next section because that’s how excited this song makes me: “Daddy Issues” is a gift to your senses. The song transcends the listening experience and causes a physical reaction that gets better every time you hear the song. The production on this song deserves an award all on its own and Demi’s voice was the perfect vessel for this magnificent song.

(I’m done screaming now)

There is a possibility that I’m feeling this strong about Tell Me You Love Me because I just watched Demi’s documentary on YouTube again and I have, once again, seen her story in all of its heartbreaking and inspiring glory. The thing is, Demi Lovato has endured too much and has worked too hard for her latest creation to go unnoticed. Her vocals here are the strongest they’ve ever been and her lyrical content remind us of the confident woman that she has become. Demi stands in her truth with her head held high, with her heart openly facing her audience and as a listener we end up so much better for it.

There was a period of time where I actively avoided pop music; the love I once had for it turned into annoyance over its lack of creativity. I am so happy that Pop music has pulled me back in because I am invested and in need of more.

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