Music Monday: Broken

I have a playlist on Spotify that is titled “THIS IS R&B” and every song is bout 15 years old; it pains me that there is no current music in that playlist. R&B has gone through some changes throughout the years and I am still struggling to find music that gives me Jagged Edge, Kci and Jojo or 112 vibes.

Admittedly, K. Michelle got pretty close with her More Issues Than Vogue album but it continues to be depressing that R&B is lacking in the rhythm, blues and quality lyrical content. However, I may have just found the savior of R&B.

It was at an Allen Stone concert where Jessica Childress’s voice blew my absolute mind. At the time, she was a back-up singer for him but in the middle of his set, he gave her stage so that she could sing a song on her own. I was completely captivated and as soon as I got home that night I googled everything I could about Jessica Childress. Imagine my utter joy when I discovered her solo endeavors!

She has released a new song, “Broken” that has been playing all weekend. This song is wrapped in soul, accompanied by a sweet melody and heartbreaking lyrics. The sound fits perfectly with the R&B music that I grew up with, while carrying a modern take on the sound and it takes the lead with flawless vocals.

“Broken” is heartfelt, and like the relationship she is trying to mend in the lyrics, she finds a way to help fix the broken pieces in the music industry along the way.

Believe me when I say that this a song you want to listen and this is an artist you want to pay attention to because Jessica Childress is moving on up and you’re going to want to be along for the ride.

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