Music Monday: Bloom

It started with a Jake Gyllenhaal interview; there I was at 2 am in the morning watching a random interview while Jake described his love of music. This interview then made me to remember that Jake (we’re on a first name basis by now) is a fan of Iron & Wine, which in turn made me search for a live Iron & Wine performance. While watching said Iron & Wine performance I got distracted by the thumbnail of another video. The video was titled Lewis Capaldi – Lost On You (Live) and after seven replays, I think it’s safe to say that I am officially obsessed.

The EP is titled Bloom and I cannot get enough of it. It is four outrageously-beautiful songs and I am two replays away from driving my brother crazy with the songs. Lewis Capaldi’s voice is assertive, raspy when needed and tender in the perfect moments; his songs cradle your heart while threatening to break it all at the same time.

The EP kicks off with “Fade” and somehow, Lewis Capaldi has beautifully captured the moment you realize you’re in love.

That I’d end up so caught up in need of your demons
That I’d be lost without you leading me astray
Guess that I’m a fool for the way that you caught me
Girl, you make my heart break more every day
But don’t fade away

The songwriting on this EP is exemplary and with only four songs to obsess over, you bet that I’ve listened to every intricate detail. The beauty of Bloom is that the instrumentation of each song is quiet, as to give way for Lewis’s vocal to take the lead.

His song “Mercy” carries an upbeat tone while being one of the more heartbreaking tracks on the EP.

I felt you slip away so slowly
I lost my grip a little more each time we touched
I’ve got no hope, I guess I’ll never get it back again

Bloom contains four perfectly-crafted songs and immediately I am craving more music from him. So sure, Lewis Capaldi’s discography is short but I am certain that the ride for him is just beginning.


Listen to Bloom and come back here to tell me what you thought 🙂

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