Justin Timberlake Gets Filthy | SINGLE REVIEW

I just want to have a quick conversation with Justin Timberlake’s marketing team. When it was announced that Justin Timberlake would be making his comeback in 2018 a marketing campaign for his upcoming album, Man Of The Woods, was released and now I find myself utterly confused. You see, from the campaign I gathered that the upcoming music would consist of something like what Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton gave us in at the CMA’s in 2015. I pictured music that would be stripped down, songs that would be vocally driven and maybe a guitar in hand. I was hoping for his Memphis roots to properly shine through and his new single “Filthy” is none of that.

As a die-hard *NSYNC fan, I’ll be honest in admitting that Justin’s solo career has been hit or miss with me. Every album has left me underwhelmed and though admittedly he’s a terrific performer, I’ve only enjoyed a few of his songs throughout the years. Now, I’m not a particularly big Country music fan but when I saw Justin’s performance with Chris Stapleton I was blown away. His song, “Drink You Away” is on constant replay in my playlist so when I thought his upcoming music would sound like that, I was ecstatic.

Now I’m just confused.

“Filthy” isn’t a bad song it’s just not what I was expecting, so it’s taking me longer to truly appreciate it. The sound reminds me of he what gave us in his first solo album, Justified. Though 2017 was the year I fell back in love with Pop Music, I still struggle with not being over-critical. Forgive me for how blunt I am being but in my (humble) opinion “Filthy” is over-produced and Justin’s vocals get overpowered by the music throughout the entire track.

I have now played this song about 7 times over and I will say that it’s (slowly) growing on me. Although I don’t quite make the connection between this song and the Man of the Woods theme, I’m expecting some clarification by the time the entire album comes out. All-in-all “Filthy” will be a radio hit, Justin Timberlake is a pro at releasing hit singles and this song is no exception.

Even when I enjoy the pop music he creates, I will never stop hoping that he gives us an acoustic album with some worthwhile lyrical content. Which I realize is silly of me to expect from the man who gave us “Sexy Back”.

What did you think of the single?

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