Jessie Ware Gives Me All of the Feelings

I remember the moment I first heard “Say You Love Me”. I remember the moment I stopped dead in my tracks because the voice singing caught me off guard. I remember clutching my chest dramatically the moment I heard the following lyrics: “Want to feel burning flames when you say my name“. Jessie Ware has come in and out of my playlist since that moment and her new album, Glasshouse has given me all of the feelings all at once.

Glasshouse is an album wrapped in vulnerability and grounded in the words. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started playing it; but I can tell you that the first song, “Midnight” caught me completely off guard. It begins with a haunting and slow tone before kicking off into more of an R&B vibe. This song finds it’s groove quickly and it became one of my favorites almost immediately.

Maybe I love you
Maybe I want to
Maybe I need you
Oh, yeah (maybe I love you)
Don’t let me fall through
Now that I need you
I feel this magic is never gonna fade
I ain’t got nothing to say

The general theme on this album is LOVE and Jessie Ware knows how to do love songs. If my future wedding (like way, way, way in the future) has a soundtrack, I’m sure Jessie Ware will lead the playlist. “First Time”, “Last Of The True Believers” and “Til the End” are perfect examples of the love songs that fit perfectly with her voice. We get a glimpse of Latin influence with “Selfish Love”; the song feels organic in the delivery and her vocals beautifully shine through.

It may come as no surprise that my favorite song off the album is about heartbreak but “Hearts” found its sweet spot in my soul; I just can’t let go of the lyrics and melody of this song.

Hearts aren’t supposed to hurt like that
They’re not supposed to break so fast
And they say that time’s a healer
How long is this burn suppose to last?

Though it’s not just the words that make a connection; it’s Jessie’s genuine delivery of the lyrics and the breaths between each line that truly make an impact when listening. “Sam” is where we find Jessie’s heart, the song is an ode to her husband and one of Jessie’s best songs on the album.

Admittedly, I didn’t do much research about Jessie Ware and her inspiration for the album before listening but it feels like Glasshouse is aptly named. It’s as if she’s decided to allow us a peek into the inner-workings of her life and after listening to the entirety of the album (multiple times) I can only be grateful for the opportunity.


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