Jeff Carl -‘Cages’ EP Review

This post was meant to go up on Monday morning; I had already written down “Jeff Carl – Cages” on my planner under March 12 but sometimes music affects you in such a way that you feel the need to tell everyone about it immediately.

Music has a way of arriving into your life at the perfect moment and Jeff Carl’s EP Cages just knocked my life back together. Not to make this EP review about me but … quick story:

This past month has been a rollercoaster of negativity and my clinical depression has had a grip on me for the last two weeks. Thanks to therapy, I’ve received the necessary tools to cope with my depression but my coping skills keep falling short and this dark hole keeps getting deeper. This past week has been a little easier on the shoulders and the bad days feel a little bit better even when the cloud feels permanently attached to my head, but it’s still a struggle every day.

Then like a knight in shining armor, Jeff Carl entered my soul by way of my eardrums and suddenly things feel manageable.

With Cages Jeff Carl has created a musical experience that contains magic in the songwriting, it brings goosebumps with the musical arrangement and an experience that leaves you in awe when listening to the vocals. The EP kicks off with “Comeback Song” with feels completely appropriate for the way I am currently feeling. I try to be my own/but tonight/I need a hand to hold and with that a reminder that lonely is only a feeling you get when you forget about the other magical beings existing around you.

If a song could be personified as a helping hand picking you up off the floor, then that song would be “Roam”. Jeff’s vocals are effective in their emotional delivery and by the time the music picks up, you’ve completely invested yourself in this musical journey. The last track of the EP is “Carry On” and not to pick favorites but this song has embedded itself in my soul and I cannot stop replaying it. Talk about a reminder to continue existing, I’m on the brink of something/ I don’t know/ Could be nothing but I gotta go.

 Clinical Depression can often feel unbearable but this EP, for me, embodied the feelings you get when coming out of the low that often hits you. I have made immense progress when it comes to handling my bad days but I’ll be honest; these past few weeks felt never-ending, I didn’t feel like myself and I couldn’t remember what my happy place felt like. The highs and lows of depression can be difficult to deal with but everything feels a little bit better when accompanied by a magical musical soundtrack and Jeff Carl has created 5 beautiful life anthems that are necessary to survive this crazy thing called life.

Cages is an EP created with Jeff Carl’s heart leading the way and I am forever grateful for the music he has created. I may not always know what I’m doing with my life but I know good music and Jeff Carl makes immensely good music.

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