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Witnessing Jessie Reyez Live at the Hollywood Cemetery yesterday will definitely be a highlight of Summer 2017. 

Jessie Reyez. Write that name down, make a note to look her up and then proceed to fall in love with her. Jump on this bandwagon before it takes off; straight out of her BET Awards performance, Jessie Reyez held a concert at the Hollywood Masonic Lodge which is inside of of the Hollywood Cemetery on Tuesday night and my summer just keeps getting better and better.

Mixing the set with her original songs, new content and a couple of covers; the night was full of all of the emotions and the fact that her parents were in the audience added to the positive energy in the room. The road to here has not been easy for Jessie Reyez, just listen to her song “Gatekeeper” to get a bit of insight, but when listening to her EP Kiddo it’s extremely clear that this woman is destined for stardom. She kicked off the show with my favorite song, “Fuck It” and the overwhelming-passion from the audience could be felt immediately.

Her vocals are what captured my attention when I first discovered her music a few months ago and her LIVE vocals did not disappoint. With a guitar in hand, sitting on a stool and a heart full of emotion; she performed “Figures” and blew us all away. Though her fans were often louder than she was, experiencing her vocals live was emotional. Speaking of emotional, she performed her song “Great One” and in the middle of the song I remembered that her parents were in the audience and in the middle of this lyric:

“I wanna make a billion dollars
Bring it to my pops
Say, “Daddy what you prayed for”

I suddenly felt myself crying.

There are people who stumble upon success and then there are people like Jessie Reyez. She wears gratitude in her smile, she performs with undying passion, she sings from her heart and she worked her ass off to get here. This is an artist you need to witness live, this is a woman you need scream for, this is a musician who gives you a peak into her heart and if the new content she shared is any indication of what her album will be like, then I need new music NOW.

Well, an extremely sore throat later and I’m happy to say that I’d cheer for Jessie Reyez loudly for an hour and a half over and over again.

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