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Justin Timberlake’s Weak Attempt At Becoming An Ally – A “Supplies” Review

Earlier today Justin Timberlake released a music video for his latest single, “Supplies” and I have thoughts: The video begins with Justin sitting on a couch watching several screens that showcase different issues we are currently dealing with: the #MeToo movement, immigration, protests against racism and Donald Trump as a human being to name a few. The video then shows… Read more →

Music Monday: This Is Me

I’ll be honest, I just finished watching the 2018 Golden Globes and I am PUMPED! Okay, so maybe “Remember Me” from Coco did not win for Best Song, Call Me By Your Name picked up zero awards and Laurie Metcalf lost in her category but all in all it was a pretty great show. Women came together in a beautiful way for this Awards… Read more →

Justin Timberlake Gets Filthy | SINGLE REVIEW

I just want to have a quick conversation with Justin Timberlake’s marketing team. When it was announced that Justin Timberlake would be making his comeback in 2018 a marketing campaign for his upcoming album, Man Of The Woods, was released and now I find myself utterly confused. You see, from the campaign I gathered that the upcoming music would consist of something like… Read more →

Music Monday: Rosalia

Sometimes music comes into your life and completely knocks the wind right out of you; this is the experience that I felt the moment I heard Rosalia’s voice Rosalia is a Flamenco artist who belts her emotions into every one of her songs. Her debut album is titled, Los Angeles, and the experience she has created within the twelve songs in the… Read more →

Music Monday: Demi Lovato

Grammy Nominations were announced last week and while scrolling through all of the categories I noticed one thing; Demi Lovato’s name was missing. Though I agree that art doesn’t loose it’s power when its failed to be recognized with an award but I feel like Demi deserves recognition for at least the single, “Tell Me You Love Me”. Now admittedly,… Read more →


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