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“The Shape of Water” Has Captured My Heart | MOVIE REVIEW

The moment I witnessed the trailer for The Shape of Water, I knew that this movie would be a magical experience. (Mini-spoilers ahead)   Guillermo del Toro has brought to life the film he always wanted to make and with an ensemble cast that creates magic all on their own, there’s no mistake that this cinematic journey is one definitely worth taking.… Read more →

My Heart Is Still Recovering: A “Call Me By Your Name” Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name is the family film that 2017 deserves.  Admittedly, I actively avoided reading the book before watching the film because I wanted to experience it without any preconceptions in my mind and honestly; it was the best decision I’ve made to date. I walked into the theatre knowing very little about the film and as the story unraveled… Read more →

Beanie Feldstein Has Stolen My Heart; A Movie Review of ‘Lady Bird’

Lady Bird is a beautiful coming-of-age story intertwined with a love letter between mother and daughter while being told within the scope of a Dramedy. It is is everything you need it to be while giving you moments that you didn’t realize you were craving. The film follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson on her Senior year of High School; it showcases… Read more →


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