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‘King Arthur’ Movie Review

If you were to browse through this creative space I’ve built for myself, you would find yourself reading a lot of reviews. Would I consider myself a critic though? Absolutely not. Why review then? Well, in reality I have to categorize them as reviews because if it were up to me I would call them; “Pieces in which Julie raves… Read more →

‘The Lost City of Z’ Movie Review

If you’re walking into the theatre expecting to see Charlie Hunnam continue to portray a different version of Jax Teller, then I recommend that you slowly walk out of the theatre and go re-watch ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on Netflix. The main reason why I watched ‘The Lost City of Z’ was because of Mr. Hunnam and though I did become a fan of his after… Read more →

‘LIFE’ Movie Review

Disclaimer: This review is being written by someone who, before Life, had never seen a Sci-Fi movie.    I liked it.  For me, the movie felt like an intense ride full of anxiety, stress and frustration. Though some bits were fairly predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Rebecca Ferguson balanced a strong confident woman with the vulnerability that was needed in certain… Read more →


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