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‘King Arthur’ Movie Review

If you were to browse through this creative space I’ve built for myself, you would find yourself reading a lot of reviews. Would I consider myself a critic though? Absolutely not. Why review then? Well, in reality I have to categorize them as reviews because if it were up to me I would call them; “Pieces in which Julie raves… Read more →

‘The Lost City of Z’ Movie Review

If you’re walking into the theatre expecting to see Charlie Hunnam continue to portray a different version of Jax Teller, then I recommend that you slowly walk out of the theatre and go re-watch ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on Netflix. The main reason why I watched ‘The Lost City of Z’ was because of Mr. Hunnam and though I did become a fan of his after… Read more →

‘LIFE’ Movie Review

Disclaimer: This review is being written by someone who, before Life, had never seen a Sci-Fi movie.    I liked it.  For me, the movie felt like an intense ride full of anxiety, stress and frustration. Though some bits were fairly predictable, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Rebecca Ferguson balanced a strong confident woman with the vulnerability that was needed in certain… Read more →

‘The Revenant’ Movie Review

Give the man an Oscar! Leonardo DiCaprio has truly outdone himself with his newest movie. In “The Revenant” Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, an explorer in the 1800’s who went on a journey in the western wilderness for revenge against another explorer. I’ll be honest the movie is a little long and by “a little” I mean my butt started… Read more →


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