International Women’s Day

17-year-old Julie was very proud of the fact that she didn’t have many girlfriends. She walked around angry at the world while sharing with anyone who would listen, that she preferred being friends with guys because girls were just so much drama. She was the meanest of the mean girls and often found herself on the other end of the… Read more →


I constantly over-share. I mean, seeing as I run a blog that statement should go without saying and yet … I over-share. It’s not that I want to tell you that I’m on Day 2 of my period but sometimes I just can’t help it. You see, 9 to 23-year-old Julie had a heart made out of concrete and sharing… Read more →

Music Monday: Johnnyswim

My love affair with Johnnyswim has been well documented on this website. I’d like to say that there’s a fine line between being a fan of their music and being absolutely obsessed, but at this point that line is blurry and I can no longer tell the difference. I mean, there’s a reason why when I ran my Spotify statistics… Read more →


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